Campervan Rental FAQ

Campervan FAQ


What does the standard rental rate include?

Unlimited miles, bedding for up to 4, a camp kit for cooking and eating, and of course, the coolest rig around.


What are pick-up and drop-off hours?

We are open 9am - 5pm on weekdays and until noon on saturday morning and 3-5 on Sunday afternoon.


Is there a mileage limit?

NOPE! The only requirement is that you take advantage of the roadside assistance for $12 a day.


Can I bring my pets?

You can bring one dog with you for a one time pet fee of $95


Why the 4 day minimum?

We keep our vans in tip-top shape and this takes a lot of work. We simply can’t make it work with reservations less than 4 days.


What is roadside assistance and why do you require it?

The roadside assistance we require is a 24 hour call service with the following services:

  • Towing
  • Flat Tire Assistance
  • Emergency Fluids Delivery
  • Battery Boost
  • Mobile Mechanic

We require this because we can’t come close to offering a service that is all inclusive and timely as this. We are a small company and appreciate that Coach-net’s rates are very reasonable.


Can I use the 4 wheel drive?

Use 4 wheel drive at your own risk. 99% of the driving you’ll do will be in 2 wheel drive. You are of course responsible for any and all damages that occur to the vehicle, so choose wisely.


How hard is it to set up the pop-top?

It’s all electric, so you just flip a switch.


Why the pop-top?

We ask...why have a van without one? It’s tucked for driving and deploys to almost DOUBLE the usable space of the van. With the top up you can stand up straight, even if you are 9 feet tall :)


How many passengers will fit?

Magilla seats 4 passengers. The “upstairs” bed is a queen and the “downstairs” bed is a twin. El Capitan seats 4 passenger. The “upstairs” bed is a queen and the “downstairs” bed is a full, sleeping 4 adults.


What happens if we get caught in bad weather?

No problem! That’s where the extra room of the pop-top comes in handy. Hunker down under the awning, or in the van while the weather is bad. The canvas of the pop-top is weather proof and can stand high winds.


Does the camp kit include food or water?

You will be responsible for providing your own food and water.


What is included in the camp kit?

Lantern, Cooking spray, Pot and pan set, 2 Stainless steel cups, 2 Koozies, Bottle and wine opener, Knife, Assorted spices, Camp soap, Pan scraper, 4 Utensil sets, First-Aid kit, Butane torch, Hand sanitizer, 3, Trashbags, Paper towels, 2 Bowls, Cutting board, 2 Marshmallow skewers, Spatula/spoon combo, Tongs, Paper plates, 2 Rain poncho, 2 Emergency blankets


Can you pick us up at the Denver airport?

Yes, for a $150 fee we’ll pick you up and drop you off.


What happens if I need to cancel my reservation?

you’ll get a 75% refund up to 7 days before pickup, then 50% refund for remaining days.




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