Roof Top Tent FAQ

Roof Top Tent FAQ

What are pickup and dropoff hours?

We are open 9am - 5pm on weekdays and until noon on saturday morning and 3-5 on Sunday afternoon. Give us a call if you need something outside of these hours. We try to be flexible in most cases.

Will it fit my vehicle?

You can use this site to see if your vehicle will be able support a roof top tent:

What’s included?

When you reserve the roof top tent on our site, you have some options of other items to include, such as camp kit, refrigerator, etc. The rental includes only the roof top tent, and installation/removal when you only select the roof top tent.

Is it hard to set up and take down?

It takes about 10 minutes. You may need to reach above your head and use your vehicle’s door jams to stand on in order to deploy the tent. If you are unable to do some easy climbing and lifting, this may not be for you.

What if I’ve never used a roof top tent before, can I still rent your’s?

Of course you can! We’ll walk you through every step and make sure you are comfortable with everything before you leave for your adventure.

Can I bring my dog?

Sure can. If we need additional time to clean it out, there may be a small additional fee that comes out of your deposit.

How far can I go?

As far as you want!

Do you offer a camp kit or stove?

We do offer a camp kit for an additional fee that includes the following:

Lantern, Cooking spray, Pot and pan set, 2 Stainless steel cups, 2 Koozies, Bottle and wine opener, Knife, Assorted spices, Camp soap, Pan scraper, 4 Utensil sets, First-Aid kit, Butane torch, Hand sanitizer, 3, Trashbags, Paper towels, 2 Bowls, Cutting board, 2 Marshmallow skewers, Spatula/spoon combo, Tongs, Paper plates, 2 Rain poncho, 2 Emergency blankets

What other accessories do you offer?

We also offer trailer hitch mounted bike racks, 12 volt refridgerators that plug in to your cigarette lighter.

Do you sell the tents in the winter?

At the end of each year we sell the tents at a discounted price.

If I like it, can I buy one from you?

Yes, we are currently retailers for Tepui and TJM.

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